Hospital information system qMS

qMS HIS unites top management of the clinic, healthcare professionals, lab services, insurance companies and patients within a common and universal multiplatform information space.

qMS HIS structures all the major informational and analytical processes of the institution and can adapt to a clinic of any size. The system secures transparency of all business processes, as well as optimisation of material and labour resources, which ensures better quality and patients' safety.
qMS HIS contains more than 30 system components that are responsible for the digitalisation of each and every division of the medical institution:
  • Patient administration
  • Admission department
  • Call center
  • Electronic medical reports
  • Ambulance
  • Hospital bedspace
  • ICU
  • Surgery scheduling
  • Transfusion department
  • Vaccination
  • Dietology
  • Laboratory
  • Pathomorphology
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Online monitoring
  • Finances
  • Radiology
  • Sterilization unit
  • Patient portal
  • Telemedicine
  • Assisted reproductive technologies
Additional Capabilities
InterSystems IRIS® data platform
InterSystems IRIS® data platform provides multi-model data storage. In the heart of InterSystems IRIS database are efficient, tree-based sparse multidimensional arrays called globals. Being accessed directly without SQL layer overhead, globals provide very fast, flexible storage and retrieval. Therefore we have chosen them as an underlying level of our HIS qMS semantic-relational (NoSQL) DBMS. As a bonus, we have got interfaces with many popular languages such as C/C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, and connectivity facilities such as ODBC/JDBC, SOAP, REST, HTTP, provided by IRIS itself.
System's Implementation
Switching to a new IT system is a responsible step that requires joint efforts of IT specialists, medical institution's administration and HCPs.

We have developed our own implementation technique based on 20+ years of experience in the field of healthcare digitalisation. This technique allows for a smooth transfer to a new HIS without any damage to the operational activities of your institution.
Establishing the task force within your medical institution and developing the project implementation plan
The task force includes representatives of the medical institution, who in the future will be in charge of implementing the system in their divisions.
Сollection of information, business processes analysis, data migration from the systems in use
Medical institution representatives fill in a detailed questionnaire; based on this data (organisational and staff structure, price list, services provided, etc.) we initially set up the system.
Initial system's setup
In accordance with the data collected, we initially set up the system on SP.ARM servers.
Training domain and system administrators
Training the institution's personnel who in the future will become qMS administrators. The training lasts for 2 weeks and takes place at SP.ARM training centre, with all the necessary materials provided.
Installing the system on the medical institution's server
After the members of the task force verify the system's settings, qMS is installed onto the medical institution's server, with front end apps at work stations.
Training the end users
Domain admins together with SP.ARM staff train the HCPs at the medical institution.
System's commissioning
Medical institution's personnel start working with qMS under the SP.ARM supervision.
Key to the faultless operation of the hospital IT system is its adequate support. We provide:
  • Regular refresher and update trainings;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • Тhree qMS HIS updates a year;
  • Timely correction and adjustment of referenced and master data, and compliance to updated legislative requirements;
  • Regular addition of new features based on leading trends of global healthcare digitalisation;
  • Broadening the capabilities and functionality finetuning in response to customers' specific requests.
In many countries, we provide our support via partnering companies.
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